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Aesthetic Dolls
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Eating Disorders Support
This is in no way a "Pro-Ana" or "Pro-ED" Group. Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses. This is also NOT a dieting or weight loss guild whatsoever.
It is a support community.

This is a group designed with a goal in mind to help those in need. For people with ANY eating disorder whether it be Anorexia, Bullimia, ED-NOS, etc., or on the other end of the spectrum and suffer from overeating, binge-eating, etc.
We also welcome those who do not suffer from an ED, but are interested in providing support, learning more about EDs, or helping out in a POSITIVE manner.

Anorexics and others have no one to talk to. Surrounded by people, they are all alone in the world. Here they can find those who share their experience, who can comfort them in times of despair - people who can give them advice, give them hope, give them motivation.

If they ask, they might also get real, valid, healthful advice - restricting calories can be quite healthy if done correctly, often without need of gaining any weight.

A healthy diet and lifestyle is a far better way to lose some weight than emulating the behaviours of eating disordered individuals. Further, there is much more to an eating disorder than losing weight.

Please Read Rules Before Joining
[+] You must already have an eating disorder.
[+] No giving advice on how to puke, abuse laxatives, etc.
[+] Do not "lurk." After you join, introduce yourself.
[+] Respect other members and degrading comments are not allowed.
[+] You may only promote your community if you have asked the mod.
[+] Two or more pictures? Post them behind a cut.
[+] No nude pictures allowed.
[+] Anti-Ed trolls will be banned.
[+] Keep your posts relevant to eating disorders.
[+] No one is perfect, but please try and use proper spelling and grammar.
[+] Do not piss me off.

NOTE ( you don't have to be Aesthetic to join anyone can join!)
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