hey, im jessica..im new to this community and to livejournal in general :p
uhmm.. im 15
current height: 5'4"-5'6", im not really sure, ill figure this out and tell later :3
current weight: 129 [ugh, i feel like a cow]
highest weight: 153 [i was disgusting]
lowest weight: 126 [still horrible, i know]
uhmmm, yeah
i try not to eat much [obviously]
the only meal i eat is usually dinner, because its easy for me to skip breakfast and lunch without my parents knowing, but they make me eat dinner
im already a vegan, and so yeah, i was just looking for some tips, i want to start to throw up my dinner, since its the only meal i eat
and i was just wondering if anyone had any tips on keeping it hidden from my parents, and things like whether its easier for you to use your finger or a toothbrush [ive tried both, but i find it difficult to make anything come up], how you do it, etc.
so yeah, thanks :]
and add my myspace if you want to talk :] www.myspace.com/zombiefaceee
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(no subject)

Hey there, pretty people.
My name is Suki, I'm 15 and I'm new here (DUH, but i felt like I had to say that).

I've been struggling with anorexia since I was probably 11 or so. But then again, when i was a kinder-garden girl I didn't eat much either. Last summer vacations I spent 3 weeks at the hospital because I passed out in the gym. You could say after that I was giving recovery a try, but... it just didn't work out for me.
I'm here because its always nice to talk and receive support from people who really understand how you live your life. Who won't judge you for saying "oh my God, I ate pizza and I feel like such a sinner right now" or something along those lines.

But that's kind of depressing. Even though bad eating habits get you grumpy and all sad, I'm a pretty funny person (or so I think) and well, don't freak out if I ever say something ridiculously stupid. I just want to make you all laugh ;)

Height: 5'5"
CW: 95...?
the thing is, I'm abroad in Germany right now and I there's no way I can get my hands on a scale here. And the only thing to eat is bread! So, scratch that last for:
CW: I don't know, but I guess I gained weigh.
HW:119 (and then I had this stage where I was so veryvery not thin)

I guess that's the way I introduce myself to all of you. And well, just: "Hi" (:


1.Buy some ex-lax
2.Do 100 situps and 3 reps of 15 crunches on each side + take hour walks on weekends
3.Make good grades
4.Make more friends
5.Be a really good cheerleader
6.get a boyfriend!
7.Get to 90lbs and maintain
8.Get hipbones to look some what like magan fox!
9.Get on comuter only 1 hour a day
10.Get bangs!
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 Hello everyone, I'm new here.
I've been watching Proanorexia and the Waiting Room for a while now, but I need as much support as possible so this community seems just as good :)

I suffer from anorexia yet have bulimic tendencies. I've suffered from compulsive eating and severe restricting/fasting, so I think I'm considered EDNOS. To me, my eating disorder is mostly based around control. It used to be about self-acceptance and acceptance from others; but since the compulsive eating phase, my anorexia is about control. I hope you can all help me through this battle...

my stats

height: 171cm (not sure what this is in feet & inches)
hw: 140
cw: 124
gw1: 121
gw2: 117
gw3: 112

I like sticking to realistic goal weights to keep my motivation up. Oh, and i'm addicted to green tea. :)

In the middle of a fast.

I'm in the middle of a fast now, and it's going pretty well.  I feel light-headed and empty and I love it. 

I try to savor the feelings my fast brings me, instead of ignoring them.  I also lose my appetite pretty quickly when I fast.  I don't know why but food just becomes unappealing, even though my stomach growls. 

Hope everyone is doing alright. 



Hey, I'm new to this whole thing, so let me give you my details.
My name is Tara, and I'm 14 years old. I live in England. I've had really odd eating patterns for a while now, mostly because I really don't want to overeat and get fat (not that I'm not already fat =/ ).
I don't know my current weight, as my scales aren't really working that well, but I know I'm somewhere in between 95 - 115 pounds (no clue where tho :S). I would like to get to 95 pounds by September 3rd, because that's when I start school again.
I would really appreciate people commenting on this with some tips for me or some low cal foods, because I'm not allowed to really do much exercise, due to a bone disease in my foot, which is a bummer, because I wanted to be an athlete :(
Also, please give me some ideas of what to say to the parents when they ask if I want food, because they're getting suspicious with the whole "I'm not that hungry" thing.

Cya, and thanks for the comments xxxx

PS. Yay! Only had 171 calories so far today :)
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Unchanged heart


My name's Raven, I'm sixteen, male and I've been struggling with anorexia since I was 12 years old. Um..as for personal interests and stuff, I'm gay, I love Three days grace, I live with my older brother Ash, and I've got my GED so I don't attend school and don't know if I'll attend college. I'm also trying to get back in to the swing of things since I was forced in to recovery not to long ago (though I don't blame Ash since he was only trying to help). Yeah anyway my stats:

Height: 5'8" (I'm short I know)
CW: I don't know right now since I don't have a scale
HW: 180 lbs
LW: 110 lbs (this was when I was 5'6" though, don't know if it counts)
UG: to get back down to 110 lbs again.
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new month, new beginnings

A new month means new opportunities and new energy! So everyone post your goals for this month.
School starts soon for some of us, time to lose those pounds and be the envy of the school, am I right? hahaha.
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Hello everyone. I'm new, just joined yesterday,  wanted to introduce myself...I've never been a member of anything like this and have never really openly discussed my eating patterns with anyone...so this is new for me. I've actually been denying that I had an eating disorder or I probably would've done this two years ago...anyway...
One thing about me: I LOVE the beginning of a new month! Very exciting for me and a great time to set goals! I've had a really difficult time controlling my appetite for the last 2wks(which has destroyed my self esteem b/c the 2weeks b4 that I did SO GOOD) I've been ridiculously over-loaded and stressed, but I'm <*desperately*> wanting to get back on track. My goals for the month:

1. Lose 10-12lbs
2. Exercise at least 5x/wk(this is a sad goal considering I used to work out 5x or more a day)
3. Try to not be so hard on myself when I fail -at these goals or others that I set for myself- I tend to have really high expectations for myself and then tear myself to shreds when I fail to achieve my goal.
5. If/when I do binge, try to at least control what kind food I eat .Healthy, nutritious foods and not crap, junk food that makes me feel the need to 'get rid' of it. Even more than not binging, I really don't want to purge. In any form. I hate that:(
6. To feel in control and stable again.

I'm going to use a variation on the 2468 that goes like this: 2468246(wk1) 7035915(wk2) 0171057(wk3) and then repeat. indefinately:) For those who want to know, I'll privately post my menu plan for each day after I get it planned out...usually on my high cal days, most of the cals come from nuts(raw natural-not salted or honey roasted- I love them:) sooooo much<3

Sorry this is so long!! The sad thing is I could keep going forever, I've never been able to share these things with anyone, so I feel like I have a lot I want to say:) I'll be needing A LOT of inspiration and motivation...so...I'll be your cheerleader if you'll be mine! Looking forward to being a part of this, if anybody needs anything at all I'll be more than happy to do whatever is in my power to do to help you out, b/c I know it's terrible to be doing this alone. 

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