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Hey, I'm new to this whole thing, so let me give you my details.
My name is Tara, and I'm 14 years old. I live in England. I've had really odd eating patterns for a while now, mostly because I really don't want to overeat and get fat (not that I'm not already fat =/ ).
I don't know my current weight, as my scales aren't really working that well, but I know I'm somewhere in between 95 - 115 pounds (no clue where tho :S). I would like to get to 95 pounds by September 3rd, because that's when I start school again.
I would really appreciate people commenting on this with some tips for me or some low cal foods, because I'm not allowed to really do much exercise, due to a bone disease in my foot, which is a bummer, because I wanted to be an athlete :(
Also, please give me some ideas of what to say to the parents when they ask if I want food, because they're getting suspicious with the whole "I'm not that hungry" thing.

Cya, and thanks for the comments xxxx

PS. Yay! Only had 171 calories so far today :)



Ello my names Gemma nice to meet you tara thx for joinign the community!...plz invite others and negative cals foods are like carrots celery cucumbers.You should ask your parents to let you become a pesctaran!

Re: Ello

I already am a vegetarian, and I don't really eat fish anyway... =S lol
Thanks for the comment and the info about negative calorie foods
fruits and vegetables are good for you, lots of vitamins!

special K cereal is filling, the one with strawberries is only 140 a bowl with milk

aaaand a bunch of water!


yeah, my parents are really suspicious too...I'll either tell them I've already eaten(which I don't like doing b/c I hate hate hate lying, especially for this disease) or--my preferred tactic--I'll just fix a sandwhich or something 'to-go' and trash it when I leave.

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