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Hello everyone. I'm new, just joined yesterday,  wanted to introduce myself...I've never been a member of anything like this and have never really openly discussed my eating patterns with anyone...so this is new for me. I've actually been denying that I had an eating disorder or I probably would've done this two years ago...anyway...
One thing about me: I LOVE the beginning of a new month! Very exciting for me and a great time to set goals! I've had a really difficult time controlling my appetite for the last 2wks(which has destroyed my self esteem b/c the 2weeks b4 that I did SO GOOD) I've been ridiculously over-loaded and stressed, but I'm <*desperately*> wanting to get back on track. My goals for the month:

1. Lose 10-12lbs
2. Exercise at least 5x/wk(this is a sad goal considering I used to work out 5x or more a day)
3. Try to not be so hard on myself when I fail -at these goals or others that I set for myself- I tend to have really high expectations for myself and then tear myself to shreds when I fail to achieve my goal.
5. If/when I do binge, try to at least control what kind food I eat .Healthy, nutritious foods and not crap, junk food that makes me feel the need to 'get rid' of it. Even more than not binging, I really don't want to purge. In any form. I hate that:(
6. To feel in control and stable again.

I'm going to use a variation on the 2468 that goes like this: 2468246(wk1) 7035915(wk2) 0171057(wk3) and then repeat. indefinately:) For those who want to know, I'll privately post my menu plan for each day after I get it planned out...usually on my high cal days, most of the cals come from nuts(raw natural-not salted or honey roasted- I love them:) sooooo much<3

Sorry this is so long!! The sad thing is I could keep going forever, I've never been able to share these things with anyone, so I feel like I have a lot I want to say:) I'll be needing A LOT of inspiration and motivation...so...I'll be your cheerleader if you'll be mine! Looking forward to being a part of this, if anybody needs anything at all I'll be more than happy to do whatever is in my power to do to help you out, b/c I know it's terrible to be doing this alone. 


You can do it sweetie! And we'll do it together mmkay? We'll lose 10 pounds and then some, baby!

I've also been in denial, too. I still can't really seem to accept my little problem, but it took me about 4 years to accept my other disorders so I dunno.

I just broke my 4 day fast because I started to fall a lot. Aaaand I was hungry too...I feel really guilty about it now, but it was less than 200 calories and all the food was healthy....

Beating yourself up over really tiny things...don't do it, just think "another day another opportunity".

lots of love from me to you <33


Thanks for your support, it's so great to know that there are other ppl out there that do the same shit as I do. It's comforting. And we definately will do this together, I know we can!

I certainly wouldn't worry about breaking a 4day fast with (a) healthy two-hundread calorie food(s). It's great that you have the strength to make it four days! And very impressive that you could stop at 200c when you did eat, you've officially got my respect;)

And a huge GOOD MORNING to you and all who read this--I'm down two lbs this morning!! yay! I'm so excited...2468 starts today.


Hy those are really good goals!I love the start of new months it's my chance to start all over.I think it's everyones goal not to binge lol...keep up the good work you said you've done goodd these last few weeks so thats great!.I've done 2468 before great results lots of ppl get good results from that and the abc diet.Oh I really am a cheerleader lol so I can difenly cheer you on!oh you forgot to tell us your name???

Re: Hey

Oh, yeah:)...my name is Emily. And yeah, I'm sure we all try not to binge, but I like to keep it written down on lists that I can look at just for extra incentive:)

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